L.Joe creates an Instagram account
Friday, 9 August 2013 • 00:16 • 0 comments

 Holla everyone :) Yeah guesse what?

L.Joe creates an Instagram account

 Im bit late. Hm, macam mane ni? Aku tak buat lagi instagram, huhu. Masalah masalah T.T

 L.Joe is the next K-pop idol to join the Instagram craze!

He posted his first photo - a breathtaking black and white selca - and posted it to his Twitter as well, writing, "GOOD MORNING~".
Angels know that L.Joe was the first member to create his own Twitter account, and the rest of the members followed suit almost immediately. Do you think we'll see the rest of the TEEN TOP members on Instagram soon as well?
You can follow L.Joe here :)

Big thanks: allkpop

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