Niel's birthday is tomorrow.
Thursday, 15 August 2013 • 21:04 • 1 comments

 Hello evelly buddy :) 
Today is 15 August and tomorrow iiiiss Niel's Birthday. Yeayyy. 16 August, means you already 20th oppa. HAHA that's his picture with new hair colour, purplelish. Hehe. Cool babe. 
Happy birthday oppa, please take care of your health and take care of yourself. Although I was not there for you, but remember you are always in my heart. Fighting. Dont give up easily :)

Okai stop cakap pasal dia, sekolah nak dekat. Kyaaa, my school works's not done and the school'll comeback. Hmm, sad for me. Duit raya tak kira lagi. Tiba-tiba tahun ni jadi baik sikit, dapat duet terus sumbat dalam beg, tak tengok pun isinye berapa. HAHAXP baik kan kan kan? Malas nak kira T.T kau hade? 

FYI, aku dah buaaad instagram yeayyyyyy, tapi tak update lagi. Piraah hahaahaXD malas laa, phone buad hal. Memang boleh la en. Reasons buad instagram?
First: L.Joe also just make a new instagram :)
Second: Lot of MY FRIENDS have instagram, yeah lol.
Third: Ive no idea, just trying. Ngee~
okai that's only.

Welcome to my blog . Call me Ruhi . Please navigate around happily. And follow me if you like to. Don't 'kutuk-kutuk' bout' this blog or ME okai?

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