TEEN TOP's Changjo asks fans not to invade his personal space?
Monday, 5 August 2013 • 21:49 • 0 comments

 Hello everyone :) 
TEEN TOP's Changjo asks fans not to invade his personal space? Oh why? Yeah Im bit late to posting this.
August 3, 2013. Harharhar. Okay. Apparently, TEEN TOP's Changjo was being followed by a fan and sent a warning for the fan to not invade his personal space. Yeah, if I be him also I'll do like that. hey~ At the end of the day, celebrities need their privacy too so let's hope Changjo won't be followed into places anymore.

Changjo tweeted, "I saw you during the daytime.. I see you now as well.. Although it might be a coincidence~ It's getting really late so go home~ Your parents are probably worried. Of course, I am really really thankful for your love towards us but.. I am a bit uncomfortable with you following me into the cafe.. I am sorry to say these words... I heard that you live in Chuncheon so get back home safely~~"

So dont disturb them. Im warning you. HAHA
merepeeeeekk, grammar aku hancuss gilaaa. okai SORRY guys :)

Big Credit to: allkpop

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